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Sustainable solutions
It was more than twenty years ago when Agostino, probably the most dynamic, skilled, professional in the business at the time was at the edge of all most innovative technologies and solutions being announced for the future in matters that were going from the ultra-low level of chemicals in the crops spraying of agriculture yilds or the no-till direct seeding knowledge and the GMO.

In fact, we met almost by chance one day in the late '80 and ever since then, to me it was a clear, relentless breathtaking run after him, who was aiming at the improved future of the agricultural, phitopatology & agronomic businesses in Italy and abroad.

It was so that the day I told him about the new confidential "Argi - World Project" I had in mind which I would like to start-up & maybe share with him, in the up-coming future years, he easily suggested me, at once, to definitely broaden its potential aim spectrum: well, that's why we call it "EcoAgriWorld".

The rest is a matter of day to day ups & downs, as usual, with some even glittering highs, which we wish you may like to share with us, about life style, environment, territory, health, ecology & agricolture.

Thank you for you time, attention and suport.

Giorgio Lodigiani, project leader
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